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There are two goals for changing the Municipal Code regarding noise:

  1. Provide a reasonable set of conditions for restaurants, bars, and other businesses in MU-MS, HC, and SMPUD to have outdoor live music on private property without having to apply for a permit. The Town recognizes the cultural and economic benefits of live music and desires a low impact/common sense approach for live music while respecting the needs and desires of residents and visitors for a family-friendly town.
  2. Create a clear, common-sense definition of noise as a nuisance that is measurable and enforceable 

The 2015 Comprehensive Plan was referenced as a guide when considering these changes. We believe the critical outcome for Community under the Town Collective Vision Statement captures the essence of this effort: we want to create a community with a sense of pride and acceptance where all contribute to the social, economic, and political life, take part in prosperity, and feel respected and safe.

Please visit the my-BV "Noise" forum to share your feedback or comments.