The Town of Buena Vista has some clear rules and expectations for our canine friends. 

  1. The Buena Vista Municipal Code requires that all dogs on public property be on a leash no greater than 20 feet. 
  2. Electronic Collars do not count as leashes. While they can be a great addition to a leash, Town rules state that all dogs must be on a physical leash. 
  3. The Town of Buena Vista has a dog off-leash area at the Rodeo Grounds. This area is from the hedgerow off Rodeo road, to Gregg drive, to the new Drone park, and West to the entrance to Rodeo Grounds. AS well as the dog park within the fenced-in area. 
  4. Even in the off-leash areas and all public parks and rights-of-way, you are responsible for picking up your dog's poop.
  5. When visiting the Town's park, your dog must remain on a leash at all times. 
  6. No dogs can be on any playing fields owned by the Town. The areas include Sheila Stout Memorial Softball Field, the Youth Baseball Field, the High School Baseball Field, and the Town's Soccer Field.  

Please know these rules are in place to protect other dogs while walking and to protect your dog as well. 

If you have any questions, please contact code enforcement directly at 719-581-1024 or email Code Enforcement

If you see a dog off-leash, please get in touch with Chaffee County Dispatch non-emergency line at 719-539-2596; please give the last location the dog was seen, the direction of travel, and a description of the dog. 

Thank you!