Public Works

a photo of the Public Works Building out on Gregg Drive

We build, maintain, and protect the Town’s largest asset, public infrastructure, for the use and enjoyment of our Buena Vista community. The Buena Vista Public Works Department aims to maintain safe, efficient, and reliable street, fleet, buildings, and water treatment facilities.

Public Works is responsible for the following departments:

Public Works performs routine work and approved budgeted projects as identified in an Annual Work Plan. Additionally, Public Works responds to work orders called in from various sources including Town Departments and the general public.

 Current Issues

  • Ability to maintain existing infrastructure with limited funding
  • Plan, finance, and provide maintenance for new infrastructure as our community grows
  • Provide for safe, functional, multi-model transportation (motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, other non-motorized modes, and airport traffic)
  • Add staffing/equipment with the addition of new growth/infrastructures
  • Maintain our valuable rural quality lifestyle, while realizing growth is inevitable


  • Update and expand the Town's comprehensive growth plan (Smart Growth)
  • Upgrade 5-year Capital Improvement Plans for all Town Departments including finance plans
  • Address our pedestrian sidewalks, crossings, and especially Highway 24 crossings
  • Start procedures for planning, design, and financing Highway 24 improvements.

Potable drinking water is available at Public Works.

Call before you dig!

State law requires that you call the Utility Notification Center (UNCC) at 811 three days prior to digging on your property. You can also phone 1-800-922-1987.

Utility Notification Center of Colorado