Water Advisory Board

  • The Water Advisory Board reviews policy matters relevant to stewardship and development of the Town's water rights portfolio, storage, treatment and distribution systems and to make recommendations thereon to the Board of Trustees. The Board also plans for the long-term water needs of the Town and to make recommendations thereon to the Board of Trustees regarding water rights acquisitions, intergovernmental agreements with other governmental entities regarding development and use of water rights and supplies, water service rates, system development fees, capital development projects and allocation of resources in the Water Fund.
  • The Water Board consists of seven (7) members and two (2) alternates, appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Water Board also includes the Public Works Director and a designated Board of Trustees member, both of whom serve as non-voting ex officio members
  • Water Advisory Board guiding documents: Water Master Plan.
  • The Water Advisory Board meets quarterly (Jan/April/July/Oct) at 6:30 PM on the third Thursday of the month at the Public Works Department (755 Gregg Dr).
  • Please email the Public Works Director with any questions.
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