Historic Preservation Commission

The BV Historic Preservation Commission has been designated by the Board of Trustees to draft architectural guidelines for the preservation of the unique historical character of BV’s East Main area.

The goal of these guidelines will be to provide Town Administrators and property owners with a ready reference to aid in determining design specifications for proposed projects on Historic East Main.

The vision and goals for these guidelines are founded on the belief that the consistent architectural features on BV’s East Main are an economic driver because of the sense of place they create. Any loss of that character would be detrimental to the Town’s identity and appeal.

These guidelines will assist property owners and developers in understanding what design specifications can be considered appropriate in light of maintaining the special character of East Main, accessing tax incentives and potential future local, state, or national historic designations.

Public comment and input during the draft of these guidelines is vital to developing a set of guidelines the community can embrace. A forum for public comment is scheduled for February 21st at the BV Community Center at 5:30pm. Public comments are always appreciated via all available social media outlets and e-mail to BVHPCADG@gmail.com.

 Goals for Historic East Main Architectural Design Guidelines:

  1. Maintain potential for historic districting by providing a resource to preserve existing historic structures that could be considered contributing to historic districts
  2. Provide property owners and developers with a ready reference for design options that will maintain historic integrity and eligibility for local, state, and federal incentives for historic preservation
  3. To protect the sense of time and place conveyed by the collection of historic buildings within the potential historic district(s)
  4. To enhance livability
  5. To protect property values, investments, and economic value of the Town’s historic character
  6. To retain a small town image and atmosphere
  7. To encourage pedestrian activity
  8. To convey a sense of human scale
  9. To protect significant views
  10. To protect the existing sense of community

The Historic Preservation Commission is now taking applications to nominate properties  for 'Local Landmark' status!

Are you aware of a property within Buena Vista town limits that deserves designation as a Local Landmark? If so, the Historic Preservation Commission is interested in hearing from you!

Please read about the Nomination Process (PDF), and download any of the following forms you need.

If you have questions about the significance of the landmark designation or the application process, please email the Commission Chair. Thank you!

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