Water Fill Station

Water Fill Station for Campers in Buena Vista, Colorado

Provided By: The Town of Buena Vista, Public Works Department

Location: Public Works, 755 Gregg Drive, Buena Vista, Colorado. The water fill station is in the parking lot of the Public Works building.

Map: Google Map to Public Works Department Water Fill Station

Hours: 24-hour access, year-round

Price: $7.88 (flat fee) for up to 250 gallons

Payment: Payment by credit card only

Potable: Yes

Other Information: Hoses are not provided, please supply your own hose.

Please note: During the peak tourist and construction season (summer, early fall), and all holidays, the demand at the fill station is very high. This can lead to a long line and very long wait times. Please be advised to plan accordingly. 

Report Issue with Water Fill Station

  1. Please use this form to report an issue with the water fill station kiosk.
  2. An accurate time of the issue is important if you are requesting a refund.

  3. Each complaint is examined to determine how to best resolve the stated issue. For questions, please contact the Public Works department at 719-581-1046. Thank you.
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