RVs and Camping

Thank you for visiting this page! Here you will find information to help you understand the rules and regulations regarding recreational vehicles (RVs) and camping in Buena Vista. If this page does not answer all your questions, please contact Code Enforcement for further information at 719-581-1024 or email Code Enforcement.

Camping and RV use on Private Property

Anyone can use an RV on their property for 21 user days per calendar quarter, so long as they obtain a free permit from the Town. As long as you contact Town and let us know your plan on RVs or camping, you will comply. We will have permits available in Town Hall during our regular business hours. We will offer a free online license for those who encounter an unforeseen need for one outside of regular business hours. For additional clarification and consistency, an RV will be considered occupied if it is kept with pop-outs deployed, plugged in, if a water connection has been made, or if there is any other visual indication that it may be occupied. This is not intended to inconvenience those getting ready for a camping trip but to keep those who try to fly under the radar, honest.

It is also important to note that we added utility trailers to the rules governing parking in the Town right-of-way (ROW). These trailers will be allowed in the right of way for no more than 72 hours, after which they will have to be moved to private property. Moving the trailer down the street will not restart the clock. RVs located in the Town ROW will operate under the same rules, except they are not allowed to be occupied while in the ROW or on any other Town-owned or leased property.

Please complete the Online RV and Camping Permit. If you have any trouble or questions, please email Code Enforcement.

You can view a copy of the new Camping Ordinance.

Complete the RV and Camping Permit Application (PDF) and then return the completed form to Town Hall or email form to Code Enforcement.