Board and Volunteer Opportunities

Housing Authority Board

The Chaffee County Office of Housing, and the Multijurisdictional Housing Authority Steering Committee, are seeking interest from the public to fill vacant positions on the newly formed Chaffee Housing Authority’s  Board of Directors.

This nine member Board will have three members representing unincorporated Chaffee County, two members representing Buena Vista, two members representing Salida, and two members at large.  Board members will be appointed by the community they will represent.

This Board of Directors is the governing body for the Chaffee Housing Authority, a multijurisdictional housing authority, created through an intergovernmental agreement among all participating jurisdictions. The Chaffee Housing Authority has been created with the ability to conduct all of the activities allowable through Colorado Statute, and this Inaugural Board of Directors will be responsible for establishing focus for the new organization by adopting a Strategic Plan to focus the activities of the Chaffee Housing Authority for the first three years, adopting Community Guidelines to manage Deed Restricted properties, and establishing a financial model of operation. The Board of Directors will initially meet every other month, dates and times yet to be determined.

Qualifications for these positions include being at least 18 years old, a full time resident of Chaffee County, and having interest in and support for creating safe, stable, and accessible housing for Chaffee County residents.  Desirable qualifications for this Inaugural Board include experience in one or more of the following:

  • Strategic Planning;
  • Housing and Mixed Use Development;
  • Fiscal Oversight and Organizational Management;
  • Marketing and Communications;

Interested parties should contact Becky Gray for an application.  Ms Gray can be reached at 719-239-1398 or

Planning and Zoning Commission - Alternate

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